The problem with capitalism is how it distorts the natural balance of Fucking Around & Finding Out by creating a class that is allowed nearly infinite fuckery with zero finding out

@ancient_catbus lmao, i have not found a better explanation for the faults of capitalism than this lol 🤣

@raccoonformality @ancient_catbus

Step 1: Fuck Around
Step 2: FInd Out (something you don't like)
Step 3: Lie about results
Step 4: Get defensive
Step 5: Fund research that backs up the reality you wish existed
Step 6: Go on right-wing news

@DrakkenZero @raccoonformality @ancient_catbus This is pretty much the academia douchebag right-wing asshole to On Boghossian's Podcast Whining About Portland pipeline in action.

@ancient_catbus just spitting truth, and some ppl get to find out without fucking around.

@ancient_catbus Elon Musk is doing more Finding Out right now than ever before in his life, and it's still not that much Finding Out, compared to what most people experience.

@SushiUmbrella love to be so wealthy you can set 200b on fire and still be the second richest man on earth

@ancient_catbus @SushiUmbrella would've been fun to just give 200 people a billion instead and see what they did with it huh

@ancient_catbus In-groups who can fuck around without ever finding out, alongside out-groups who must find out even when we don't fuck around.

@fiadh @ancient_catbus
In some cases, like the environment, they'll eventually find out one way or another…unfortunately they're in a position to attempt to delay finding out and continue fucking around for quite a while as many others suffer.

@ancient_catbus Even more so for Brexit: wreck the economy and destroy the future of the nation and zero finding out. And even then they whine about being cancelled!

@ancient_catbus Privatize the fuckery, socialize the finding out.

@ancient_catbus Totally true and well said.

And we get all the shrapnel from their infinite fuckery.

@ancient_catbus We need more CHOP/CHAZ but without the narcs and the "anarchists" who can't form leadership because they're timid or gun toting.

Fuckery aside I was proud of the home town for chasing an entire SPD precinct out of their building like little bitches.

@ancient_catbus and a class that gets to live all the finding out with no allowance for fuckery

@ancient_catbus Technically speaking, every class higher up gets to compound the fuck-around-ery of the lower classes and offset all of the finding out on them

@theotherilya another reply said 'privatize the fucking around, socialize the finding out' and i'll think about that for a long time lol


By the time they eventually find out, the rest of us are standing neck deep in flaming poo.

@ancient_catbus Billionaire fucks "fuck around" and "find out" there's no consequences for any of their "fucking around".

@ancient_catbus not only that but they become offended and vindictive when it's even suggested that the concept of finding out could exist for them, let alone actually experiencing it.

@ancient_catbus Hard to understand how this has not in and of itself fomented a social justice warrior to actually take up arms.

And that's by design. Also, they want to go back to white, landowning men voting for that reason.

@ancient_catbus The law ⚖️ is written for the rich, and punishment is designed for the poor.

@ancient_catbus Someone should come up with a suitable "find out apparatus" for them...

@ancient_catbus I had a FAFO moment with a maga type & he did most def find out. I had a pistol in my pocket & it could've been a clean end if I wasn't a nice guy. He caught a charge & move out of state. win/win. Don't let someone force you into punching their ticket.

@ancient_catbus How is this specific to Capitalism? Feudalism was great at concentrating wealth in the hands of a few who promptly pulled Elon Musk moves all the time.

@cytokine_storm you just got your entire instance muted, good job you pedantic bore

@ancient_catbus I respect the sentiment but disagree. Business failure is very common in capitalist societies. What you say is actually more characteristic of situations where unprofitable, badly-managed organizations are protected from the consequences of their actions by legislative slight-of-hand.

@ancient_catbus i want a free market economy. and thats ALL fucking around and finding out!

@ancient_catbus If a king faithfully judges the poor, his throne will be established forever. He who oppresses the poor to increase his riches, And he who gives to the rich, will surely come to poverty. A righteous man knows the rights of the poor; a wicked man does not understand such knowledge. A poor man who oppresses the poor is a beating rain that leaves no food. Whoever increases wealth by taking interest or profit amasses it for another, who will be kind to the poor.

@ancient_catbus I'm certain that never before has class distinction been quite so eloquently defined.

@ancient_catbus to be fair most other forms of power distribution have similar problems. Those in power will always stack the deck to minimize risk to them.

@ancient_catbus I also feel like some of us are routinely finding out from minimal fucking around if any.

I think allowing some #FAFO is a stength of private ownership of the means of production, i.e. #capitalism.



Fuck around

Find out

Wrote it down

Make a change

Fuck around some more
Find out


Let it get reviewed


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