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so the horse.jorts mascot wears jncos but like are there also hipster horses that wear tight/skinny jorts?

are there horse hotpants?

sup horsejorts just wanted to say hi before the servers start to catch fire late afternoon

hows it hangin horsjorts y'all setting killeveryhetero's poor server on fire yet

i'd like to take a moment to appreciate that someone like @killeveryhetero is out here working hard to troubleshoot in her time off so people like us can share thoughts like "i'm dunking my balls inn pudding Tonite!"

it's my instance's deathday, can I get some boosts? ^.^

it’s the weekend u know that that means

no bras
no masters

alright added to tusky... its official.....

Jortshorsians: If your email verification went into your spam (it probably did) please go and mark it as "Not Spam", especially in gmail -- once enough of those go through future mails won't go there anymore.


Figured out what was about.

Psalm 147:10 - His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor his delight in the legs of the warrior;

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