@mari I had to post it late at night to avoid the most interaction and somehow it's still getting boosted

@anthonydavis Be careful! Oscar the black mini dachshund is good at snatching your kind from under the lamp shade...

@anthonydavis how have i not seen this until just now holy shit

@anthonydavis @anna I hadn't seen it either, but I just moved to where I can see pinned toots. I'd actually seen you talk about it before a long time ago and was just confused as all get out

@SanfordianPhil @anna I should have listened to the resounding "delet this" lmao

@Slipperywerm @anthonydavis @SanfordianPhil get really upset when a couple of teenagers swap instances then have a meltdown and shut down the instance imo

@anna @Slipperywerm @SanfordianPhil post a nuclear hot take like "Naruto promotes shota worship" and get very defensive when everyone tells you it's wrong

@anthonydavis @Slipperywerm @SanfordianPhil im going to get cancelled when im 90 and the gen zers burn me at the stake for refusing to accept that chad who fucks bitches but doesnt like cuddling afterwards is lgbt

Lore, slight pedo mention Show more

Lore, slight pedo mention Show more

@Slipperywerm @anna @SanfordianPhil would it surprise you if I said you were absolutely correct? Lol

@SanfordianPhil @anthonydavis @Slipperywerm its really hard to lose a battle with eweish being a self-righteous blowhard and yet SA managed it somehow 🤷‍♀️

@anna @SanfordianPhil @anthonydavis I'm going to fucking frame this and donate it to a museum, because it's fucking beautiful.

@Slipperywerm @anna @SanfordianPhil @Slipperywerm @anna I figured a Corner Prophets joke has reached deep bear market territory so I had to dig deep for content

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