Wow, I had such a great time at MastoCon 2018. Special thanks to @Gargron for putting it together! Got to meet and hang with all the Legends of Mastodon Posting and made a bunch of new friends. Special thanks for everyone who came to my Q&A panel "Shitposting in the Age Of Lonlieness". Hope to see you all next year too!

list of some participants at MastoCon 2018 that you should follow:

@LuigiEsq thank you for your informative talk on the history of the knitted sweater!
@citrustwee THANK YOU for my "ITS MY BIRTHDAY" button, I absolutely love it
@realtoddhoward thanks for keeping it "real" at my Q&A session
@realmaxkeeble super glad I got to go to your "Forgotten Electro-Ska hits of 1994" panel
@nuttgodd "nya nya nya nya" haha my man

more MastoCon 2018 participants:

@spookcentral CJ your costume was just great 11/10
@lynnesbian I guess they should not have given all attendees free WiFi to use huh
@Ashen and @Richardfuck S S P O E R T S G A N G G
@laser glad you could make it pal, bringing that big dad energy
@jizzwitch had a great time at the hexing demonstration!

even MORE MastoCon 2018 participants:

@garfiald ballsy choice to tell everyone your real name was Jon Arbuckle lmao
@Slipperywerm and @Jewbacchus LETS HANG AGAIN SOMETIME?!
@healyn super pissed Eugen didn't invite you :(
@DMX your presentation on the Rise and Fall of Bofa was exactly what we all needed, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
@killeveryhetero my favorite instance admin, thank you for all your hard work you are awesome!

last but certainly not least MastoCon 2018 attendees:

@mxsiege your seminar on mood lighting was VERY INFORMATIVE and I think everyone here got a lot out of it!
@jackdaw_ruiz I would be remiss if I didn't include you here, even though you missed the first day
@peemobil ha ha thanks for workshopping my toots, great one on one sesh and was really productive


omg how could I forget @byttyrs YOUR PHOTOSHOP SKILLS TO MAKE THE BANNER?! *Italian chef kissing noise* BELISSIMO

special thanks to @DayGloChainsaw for taking everyone on a canoe trip on day 3, my arms are still sore but it was so much fun

@dirt honorary S S P O E R T S G A N G G member, and what a lovely talk on the history of e-girl culture wow cannot believe I forgot the legend herself who held a sign that said "pee pee poo poo" throughout my entire Q & A

did I forget @johnrandom ?

Orb blessed us with his presence and was gracious enough to sign his book, "Me and Bigfoot: Crypids I Met"

@anthonydavis Thanks for the signature! omgosh it totes made my weekend to get a photo with you!!!

@anthonydavis @Gargron guess my invitation got lost in the mail. no big deal Eugen

@healyn @Gargron putting you as my VIP+1 next year promise, that's so rude of him

@anthonydavis anytime! hopefully now everyone can adequately answer the age-old question:

whats bofa

@anthonydavis @mxsiege @jackdaw_ruiz @peemobil Im outside the venue, selling knock off Blue Jays merch with Todd's avi on it.

Sorry again I stranded everyone on an island and things got Lord Of The Flies there for a while during the 45 minutes before the park ranger found us.

@DayGloChainsaw what's really weird about that is @realtoddhoward said they'd never read the book, but then established the same three rules of "have fun, survive, and maintain a smoke signal"

@anthonydavis such a pleasure to meet you, AD! here's the image I sent to the printers for anyone who might want it for their scrapbook ^w^

@byttyrs YES! I was worried cause I didn't buy a copy of the program there but this is PERFECT THANK YOU

@anthonydavis @LuigiEsq @realtoddhoward @realmaxkeeble @nuttgodd hahah i still have a few of those buttons lying around. couldnt get rid of all of em!!

@anthonydavis he'll yeah Tony!! It's a shame you didn't get to join us on the sushi boat with eugen and the other 1k accounts, may be next year

@garfiald it's all good! Working my way to Partner status with y'all big dogs

lol remember how surprised all the normies looked when the furries got there?

@hasya23 they say to this day, everyone is still arguing about it

@anthonydavis @Gargron tbh they couldve named the debate panel.better than masto-bate but it was certainly enjoyable regardless. got a lot of the horntposters to turn up

@jackofallEves @Gargron yeah that was an unfortunate mistake but on the flip side turnout was 208% higher than any other event

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