The year is 2025. Mastodon has 3 separate federations: "The Core Instances", "The Badlands" and "The Outer Rim Worlds". The Outer Rim Worlds, long since cut off from the Mastodon Core, have developed their own set of rules. Some say, they are even working on their own Mastodon code base, but no one knows for sure anymore, as most are too afraid to venture past...The Badlands.

Folks in The Core Worlds are fairly content. Most post about what they ate for lunch or dinner. Some post about politics or make lewd jokes, CW'd, of course.

There are a few subversive elements among The Core Worlds, to be sure. But the stability has more than made up for that. On a good day, you may even spot a rogue "Pee Pee Poo Poo" echoing amongst the timeline

@anthonydavis this sounds like mastodon in 2016, but The Badlands is like,

@amsomniac omigosh I just saw your profile gif and wanted to compliment you on it straight away! SO GOOD 😍

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