What’s your favorite post on here? Yours or someone else’s either way


it's a tie between:

🔸 Bryn's Losing My Religion post.

🔸 Em's Yakuza Jacuzzi post.

🔸 Jacie's youth hymnal post.

🔸 My post where Eugen is talking to Vulpes Inculta.

🔸 Cyrene's "portmantdome" post.

🔸 every post where someone says "everyone shut the fuck up!"

🔸 The thread where Laser was at the party.

🔸 The Healyn roast thread.

🔸 The thread where Grace installed Hannah Montana Linux.

(and like forty others).

@jackdaw_ruiz @brogepi I really like when eve couldn’t figure out why her RuneScape downloaded in French

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