12.9K new users on mastodon.social this week. Don’t know off-hand how the numbers for the fediverse at large look

It’s now up to 18.8K new users this week. For reference, growth was about 1K per week for a long time.


@Gargron I'm starting to get like numerous Google News ads about Mastodon so unsure if it's the algorithm or the popularity or the dearth of signups or a combination of them all but it's real exciting stuff.

@anthonydavis @Gargron
Believe it Drew. It is the popularity of this platform. However most folks are just checking it out at the moment. You can tell from @Gargron 's posts not many new Servers are coming into existence yet. It seems most new comers are latching on to the .Social server.

@Nikaroo @anthonydavis @Gargron it is Indians joining this network. There are more joining via other instances. Just Google "why Indians moving to Mastodon".

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