I kept meaning to post this here but it's easier to type the image description on desktop instead of mobile. Anyway, I booted up an old Rio FUSE MP3 player last week that hasn't been updated since ~2005/2006.

The joystick on the player was busted so I had to use the menu to play tracks, and aside from the first two tracks being corrupted (? it would "play" it for a second then reboot the player), it worked perfectly fine.


Yes, I was very into Rammstein, yes I was very into DDR, yes I really liked Final Fantasy X's soundtrack, and yes I most definitely had the iPod commercial song on my non-iPod MP3 player

Kids these days will not know the emotions that come with downloading a song titled "Rammstein - Final Fantasy X.exe" from Limewire

@lemoncarrots THANK YOU! Still ends up on my rotation every once in a while haha

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