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You've been hit by
You've been struck by
A gay communist

I've also called there to speak with one of the designers and I said as such and he says, "oh you speak french?" WHAT. SIR. WHAT.

I just called the DC showroom and the guy who runs it is absolutely nuts. Answers the phone not with "hello" or "(company name), this is Jim"

He answers with "Thanksgiving is on Thursday"

so my DM said he would let me wild shape into a velociraptor if i could give him a convincing reason why i'd be familiar with them,

so i'm writing smudge's backstory and i made myself sad

Dnd bullshit 

B/c covid is only transmittable on government property and from the hours of 11p-6a, right?

Gov man put in new "restrictions"
- bars n restaurants have to close indoor service at 11p
- government employees must wear masks at work

Oklahoma's lockdown started and ended when we had <100 new cases per day, now we're at >2000/day for the past week and the local gov is just like 🤷‍♀️

if i'm gonna draw and write a comic about space lesbians i gotta do research,, on space,,,, im gonna play mass effect again

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