Elizabeth Warren chuckled. "You mean the Chaos Delegates?”

Also, please send me your beautiful nature pics to try to paint. I wanna get better, I just bought fancy paint and brushes

I did this yesterday and Dom shattered my confidence by saying "that's a weird round leaf" PLEASE tell me you can tell what it is

Ya know, I may bitch about work a lot. But one of my great joys is putting my boss on edge by saying "hey, you're not allowed to fire me" full stop not expounding whatsoever. He gets so NERVOUS like what did you do????

Did art for the first time in a WHILE yesterday y'all and tbh I'm real happy with it. Based on a YouTube tutorial, but I took my own liberties


People talk to each other in the elevator here? What the fuck? I'm moving out

In case y'all were wondering what the view from the new place looks like at 7am central time on a somewhat gloomy day, I got you

So we got the majority of the important stuff from the old house moved in, I have unpacked my clothes, books, bathroom and kitchen stuff. I still gotta get the less important kitchen stuff from the old house, some cleaning supplies etc

Moving day today, unpacking and cleaning up tomorrow, also I took Monday off so I'll have an actual relax day


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