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A gay communist

I hate that my body refuses to let me sleep in later than 6:30a, and like I can't actually convince myself to get up and out of bed at that time, so I just lay in bed and be annoyed with myself

I am now the proud owner of some cat sedative from the vet, so Cucumber won't scream at us for three days straight in a truck

Like I KNOW what I gotta do but it feels very weird that I'm not at work

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Yesterday was my last day at work and I'm spending the next week packing and cleaning and whatnot for the move BUT IT FEELS WEIRD like what do I do now

Fellow parents is there any better rush than crafting a perfect cleaning playlist that harkens back to your Club Days and embarrassing your kid to hell and back

I went to home Depot AND target and only bought TWO impulse items I'm proud of myself

Please motivate me to start cleaning out stuff to move

This is my official "moving to Philly" announcement

I'm doing that 😊
cc: @swirlz, @Laser

Minor league baseball whips ass, but the bat boy is a human child this time instead of a dog and I'm a little disappointed

[digging a big pit and covering it with leaves]

What's so great about Linux anyway? Does anyone have any strong opinions about it?

Also Saturday we're going to another minor league baseball game because that shit was lit as fuck and I wanna do that more

Job apps update part 2 

And then in the email the dude also indicated after rounds 3&4 there will be one final interview which is #5 and that honestly seems fucking insane to me. But whatever I guess I just want them to pay money for my labor.

Tomorrow I also have an initial phone screen with another company that I have no recollection of applying to but I sure did according to my job apps email folder

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Job apps update part 2 

Ok so I still haven't heard back from that company that said "you'll hear from us by the end of the week/early next", it is now Wednesday. Bleh.

I also have not yet heard back from the mental health agency i had 3 interviews with, but I sent a "thank you note" email yesterday to the two people I spoke with last.

On Monday I had round 2 with a startup, today I have round 3 and then tomorrow is round 4

God bless Nam Hai and their wide variety of canned boba teas

Job apps update 

Ok so in the past week I've done 7 interviews (I think, per my calendar)
- two have been second-round interviews
- of those two, I should be hearing back about an offer from one of them without a third-round by the end of the week, or early next week (that was the given timeline)
- I also have two more requests, one initial and one third-round

Major props to the old dude sitting in front of me who keeps explaining baseball to me (I keep asking him questions lol)

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