@pig looks like everything's coming up Milhouse!! (Positivity and joy -- abundance and balance. Lucky you)

@ItsJenNotGabby conflict, competition -- new ideas. So, you're gonna have issues... But they'll be worth it in the end?

@jaytom introspection, inner guidance -- ambition and drive. Have you had any personal project ideas recently?

@jaytom @pig @ItsJenNotGabby @Timmy hi sorry I had a job interview after work and it put me in a funky mood (unexpected outcome tbh) so I will do y'all's tomorrow after work

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I am once again offering simple tarot readings for $Free just @ me and I'll do it after work

Ya girl gotta get some practice in.

Got myself an espresso maker for cheap yesterday and confirmed today that it WORKS and I'm so happy

Daydreaming about getting the job I'm interviewing for and living a life where I'm not flat broke every other week before I get paid


I got the "we want to move forward with setting up meetings with XYZ, please provide availability" email 16 GODDAMN MINUTES AFTER HANGING UP

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Got an interview for a role that would pay me a 33% raise AT MINIMUM today lads 😳😳😳

Selfie ec 

My sister cut my hair so I am now a Dandelion Floof

Stickshifts and Safetybelts is an absolute banger of a song

@ItsJenNotGabby you got two because the first one, the Lovers, popped out in the absolute first shuffle and I was like "fluke maybe?" So I kept it aside and shuffled more and also got The Sun. The question was "what's up for Jen rn" so it looks like good things bud

@pig you're on the right path my dude. Also, possibly could mean literal travel coming up soon. I just asked "what's the deal rn for the Kind Pig of Online"

Yo if you want a one-card tarot pull lmk and I'll do it in the morning


My Gramma called me crying while I was at work and my grampa had possibly a stroke and so she's at the hospital with him rn, but it's so fucking full of covid patients from the FUCKING ANTIVAXXERS that he's been sat in a hallway

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