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I didn't do it the first time but she did it again so I just told her Hi New Jersey, thanks

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If I just got an email from a vendor that says "Hi Tulsa," is it snarky if I respond with "Hi New Jersey,"?

You have brought hateration and holleration into this dancery

this might seem mean of me but it couldnt have happened to nicer people :)

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my antivaxx mom and her shitheap husband both have covid lol

Selfie // no EC 

Current fit - middle aged public school art teacher and loving it

well lads one of the jobs i applied to 3 weeks ago emailed me asking me to do an assessment

maybe next is talking to an actual human

Big ol spider close up -- like seriously huge spider 

One of them big booty orb weavers set up shop on the back window of my house and caught a wasp

Welp I fell asleep during Travis Meyer Watch and when I woke up everything had already passed thru so no ternader for me

I will say tho it's OMINOUSLY still, but I can hear distant thunder rumbles

Our patron saint Travis Meyer only went live for like 3 mins so it must not be too severe up here

Storm season is one of the only reasons living here is tolerable and yeah I realize how fucking insane I sound saying that

Btw that small, bright red trapezoid to the east of OKC is the active tornado warning

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Starting to hear some rumbles around these parts

Must not be too serious tho bc our patron saint of tornados, Travis Meyer, ain't gone live yet. Still watching his OKC counterpart

Tornado? In October? It's more likely than you think

i hate myself for this but i actually really like the show seinfeld

The only bad thing about FB going down is that I had a lady coming over tonight to get the chickens and messenger was the only form of communication we used

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