OK one last one for now I promise (ec)✅🅱️OOSTS🆗 


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The Bechtellini test: at least two Italians are on screen together without any non-italians talking about something other than pasta


"Try not to cum! You won't last five minutes operating this revolutionary apparatus"

Got Myself a Dress (ec) 

The difficulty was finding one that fit me but was also still Me, (also cheap)

@JohnBrownJr make more toots please, we're waiting for the good stuff

Just thinking about how much my weird kids act like the mcpoyles

Sick of this shit sick of this country

Fuck bosses
Fuck cops
Death to America

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Things I DONT like: cops, bananas, runs in my stockings, being told what to do, capitalism

Here are some things I like, just as I think of them: my plants, food, schmoozing, cute outfits, standing up to my boss, Mario kart, being cozy, human rights, tattoos


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