@req welcome to a valheim server where maybe four of the twelve players know what the crafting system is, they built your universe, sorry about the everything

Ffxiv, ew, garlemald arc 

it is so goddamned funny that Ishikawa made Quintus' final speech a somber remix of Such Devastation, This Was Not My Intention, and then established 'you do not get to bring this one back later to try to redeem him, dipshits'

PROBLEM: the ogvent link shows a nude purple man

SOLUTION: unplug your printer and reload the page. if the problem persists, reread these instructions

@pontulo after the vote passed a whole group of terfs stood up shouting "shame on you" with one of them literally whipping out her pussy saying "if you can't be decent i won't be either"

it passed

terfs get absolutely fucked

also imagine spending years calling us sexual predators only to do an indecent exposure in the middle of parliament in front of children

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Now John Mastodon is a mufo of mine
He hosts me and my alts for free
And he's slow with a block or to check your reports
But there's someplace that he'd rather post

He says, ", I believe this is killing me."
As a smile ran away from his face
"Well, I'm sure that I could be like Twitter Jack
If I could get the egirls out of this place."

there was three kings unto the jorts,
three kings both great and high
and they hae sworn a solemn oath
john mastodon should die.

they took a horse and hors'd him down,
put boosts upon his head,
and they hae sworn a solemn oath
john mastodon was dead.

and they hae taen his very heart's post
and shared it round and round;
and still the more and more they shared,
their posts did more abound

john mastodon was a hero bold,
of noble enterprise;
for if you do but read his posts
'twill make your post

"I'm not racist and my book that i wrote that said 'i love racism' was actually a psyop" is an incredible line from a dude who was openly an admirer of francisco franco

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'Swipe the direction you vote,' from a conventionally attractive woman, with a photo of herself with a Jared Leto's Joker filter in her photo roll. bad digital green hair. shiny metal teeth. damaged, written in cursive, backwards, on her forehead.

noone, in history, has ever lived in a society this badly

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it has been a long time since I saw something on a dating app that was postworthy. if you're on one of these things at this age it's just a question of how well you're hiding your fear of being alone. but still. sometimes someone goes above and beyond.

there is no weather more miserable than rain at just above freezing

the urge to post, coupled to having nothing to say... the duality of man...

Fandaniel meanwhile is a creepy weirdo who is constantly disassociating and talking about how this dream sucks

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the creepy vaguely German guy is also clear on the only thing he hates more than heretics being cops, and now he is the cops, and he also hates irony

excellent. one of the psyker voices in darktide is a creepy vaguely German guy, and a other is It's Just Fandaniel. all is well

I will never have an original idea, and that is a promise.

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