darktide report: there is an enemy designed to make running at the enemy while screaming not automatically the best strategy


cold, the air and water flowing
hard, the blow to cock and balls

makes no distinction if you're a grower or a shower. The crucial question is, are you a strainer or a drainer?

Lithuanian cooking is from before spices were invented

so you have to put a LOT of salt and fat in there to make up for it

Sorry, not sorry, not going to care about Garfield's post getting deleted because I grew up with an alcoholic, psychological abusive father in constant state of distress, anxiety and worry about the future.

Hearing the key in the door every evening was my own version of "getting stuck into a giant serving of pussy" for almost 20 years.

Hm. Followers came over, follows didn't. I should probably get the buttons to fix that at some point. Later


Unstoppable shitposting engine.