@RussellsBarbershopQuartet i jump off dot social and this happens immediately. the moral of this story is never leave dot social (???)

now I gotta figure out double migration. annoying

@georgespolitzer really committed to the British boarding school experience I guess

@esvrld the secret ending you unlock by defending all the women's spaces is telling the werewolf that despite everyone like him being an innately untrustworthy predator, you think he's one of the good ones

@PublicChaffinch mastering the self-deprecation too... truly the Reply Guy flows through you this day...

@PhoebeWallerPalladino give our regards to Artemis, patron god of being gay as shit and also doing murders

@kate you know I keep that mf Thang on me
(a wand that will instantly kill me if I ever accidentally switch to it)

@goat the kobolds are presenting a kobold to the kobolds. the kobolds are happy. the kobolds are happy. the kobold is terrified

@witchy *extremely to the tune of We're Not Gonna Take It voice*

@killeveryhetero i downloaded one final fantasy mobile game six years ago. every goddamn ad is some shit like this

@sugar have you considered an extremely specific brand of anarchism

@Blakely also an easy 2/3 of the cast of Legend of Galactic Heroes

FFXIV Admission 

@SeanAloysiusOBrien the gaius redemption arc is made considerably better if you conclude every gaius scene with the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme over the words 'this was not my intention'

@ArachnoCommunist love wife, ride wife, kill wife, wife gone, regret, wife resurrected, kill wife, repeat

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