*public radio voice* from npr, this is national public radio. i'm guy talking

*community radio voice* and now the events calendar. the county health department is having free HIV screenings this tuesday from 1:30 to 1:45 at the yoga studio behind subway's. tonight at 9:30: frank slappa, the all-hand-drum zappa cover band, is playing the gazebo in the park

*college radio* hey i'm steve
and i'm steven
and this is best buds *snicker*, the call-in show where we talk about hanging out but just remember it's called a water pipe and it's for tobacco only


*pirate radio voice* welcome to the free speech zone! i'm, fuckin, uhh, ted, and i'm here to freak you out with the real shit the government doesn't want you to hear.

tonight: i hope they serve beer in hell by tucker max. chapter one:

*gimlet media voice* i'm geoff brooklynson, here to use the techniques of documentary audio to tell you about businesses. turns out? they're good, folks. bear with me:

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@pig he's not originally from brooklyn, it's a very common surname where he's from

@burgin if you thought the DJs at college radio stations were bad just wait until you hear the community submissions at any free form station ever

@Jewbacchus oh i would love to hear some of the stuff that gets turned down

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