boost if you agree that @dirt should write the girl from the train a missed connection, in 2019

28 now. we only need 12 more boosts. please, with your support, we can make a reality. this is not a bit, a gag, or a sweet lil goof-em-up, we are live and this is real, folks

@burgin if you get 40 boosts i'll actually do it

@dirt @burgin I wasn't sure if I was supposed to boost the first one or the second one, so I did both, further muddying the waters, thanks,

@dirt hey claire? hope you stretched your typin' fingers

@burgin lmao ok i'll get on it once i'm home (so like four hours, sorry to delay everyone's gratification here)

@burgin ok it's like half done but i have writer's block and am tired, so this one'll be a friday treat, ok?

@burgin @dirt I don't know what this is but it has dirt and trains so that sounds good

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