i've been reading and faving posts for the past half hour but i haven't said anything. it's kinda like when you're at a party at a friend of a friend's house and everyone knows each other amd you just end up nursing your drink at the outer edge of a conversation and saying "haha yeah"

@burgin all the time, and I worry about looking like a tit if I reply

@burgin hi trish how are you doing. let's go grab a drink in the kitchen

@nymph aww thanks mary, lemme just, ope, scuse me buddy i'm right behind you, haha, yeah no, i'm just trying to, do you mind if i just, uhhh, there we go

@burgin finally some peace and quiet...... oh, shit. they're out of mixers

@burgin I keep trying to get in the habit of only opening mastodon when I have something to post, immediately posting and then trawl the time lines. Not always succeeding at it lol.

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