@sweetmercury @redcosmonaut @OCRbot also: no of course you can't use your .social account to post on a gab instance, they're different accounts? i can't log into facebook on wikipedia dot org?

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@sweetmercury @redcosmonaut @OCRbot but yeah, like, a) freedom of speech is a freedom from government censorship, and has nothing to do with masto, but also b) fuck the free speech of nazis??

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@burgin @redcosmonaut this is the same level as the Proud Liberal who was like “I’ll defend Nazis” after Spencer got clocked. Like, how does it get that bad in someone’s head they don’t even have the moral courage to say “Nazis are bad”

@sweetmercury @burgin I am looking at his time line, and he is defending trump's free speech in social media summit thing. I think he might just literally be a fellow traveler to these kinds of people

@burgin @redcosmonaut @OCRbot he’s already reached the critical stage of “zero understanding of a new technology but criticizing it anyway”

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