young adult novels for thirtysomething trans girls

inspired by what i can only describe as my transition bra, which was given to me by someone who used it for the same purpose, and which i was thinking i should give to a hatchling someday. sisterhood of the traveling brassiere

@burgin I’ll write you one, what do you want in it?

@er1n @burgin tbh it's depressing so if you don't want to be depressed don't read it

@velexiraptor @burgin i also have heard it's very Early Middle Age Binary Trans Woman

@er1n @burgin also yes that, but in a way that holds up p well as opposed to just being susan's place: the book

@er1n @velexiraptor other options include "if i was your girl" by meredith russo, which is very YA and kind of fantasy-y w/r/t a smooth transition but i love it

also "a safe girl to love" by casey plett, not YA but super good

if anyone knows other good shit hmuuu

@burgin @er1n if i was your girl is also v straight from what i hear so i haven't read it

@velexiraptor @er1n truuue. the casey plett is all over the place with sexuality, it's a short story collection with lots of different trans women narrators

@burgin @er1n ya it's hit or miss but two of the stories hit real hard

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