waiting on a firmware update for my headphones because 2019 is trash

"uhh my headphones need to connect to a special app to make them work good and i forgot to charge my cigarette" said the hero of a bullshit cyberpunk novel noone would ever read called the year 2019

"oh shit my thermostat got a virus that helped ddos a gamer and now my doorbell is turning me in to the police" said dirk chuggly as he cracked open an energy drink aerated with real nitrous oxide

@burgin I'm honestly surprised no one makes a nitro energy drink. Maybe I'll buy a NOS, make it flat then try it

@Authoritimmy nos has one flavor, nitro mango, that does lmao

@burgin ah I've seen those, but always just assumed it was their branding and not actually nitro. Good, the chargers are like a buck apiece

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