@lilletale @swirlz what the hell fever dream were we all having that a lot of people thought this was a pretty neat thing to have sticking out of your ear


@lilletale @swirlz also i am astonished how many people come up to order at the register at my job with their airpods in. like you can't take that shit off for one minute to order your food? i got no idea if you're talking to me or fucken your discord vc or what

@burgin @swirlz Not only are they Apple Bluetooth headsets, they also reinforce the Bluetooth headset behaviour.

@lilletale @swirlz it's not douchey if it's in stereo and it says "designed by apple in california" in tasteful grey sans serif on the box

@burgin @swirlz Would it be more or less douchey if it said "highly functioning sociopath" on the box?

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