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they raised my credit limit and i went to see my mom today so omw home i treated myself to a $20 sweater dress and omg :blobaww: i love ittt

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got this text from my mom after our visit today. this is def a trick right?

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i am the bustle in the hedgerow

looking through my facebook for evidence of dates i might have moved in/out of certain places and found this. i have always been like this lol


wanna see this meme from my wine people friends

speaking of fb, this was in my memories from three years ago. there was a meme going around where you posted three fictional characters to represent you. lot's changed for me since then, lot hasn't

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lesbian rowsdower soccer mom looks

i left my place in new orleans april 26. my name was on that lease. since then i lived with my mom and then with callie, paid callie some rent but no name on a lease. so april was within the last six months but like, do they mean in like, all of those months lol

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just cuttin up with

picked up a newspaper box that had gotten knocked over and found this. seems auspicious


fellas is it gay to be narcissus? i mean, you're literally falling in love with your reflection


at the end of the day, though the best thing about uptown is it has my favorite borgor joint

i am going to end this thread with the coliseum. most people anymore call it key arena, because that is what the sign at the top of it says, but key bank hasn't been paying for the sponsorship since like when the sonics left. the maps call it new center arena or something like that, because it is being extensively renovated. anyway i saw a sonics game there in the 90s and it ruled thanks

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