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almost a year has passed since my coming out video and i'm so tempted to edit the second half to include footage of me looking even hotter now, maybe hire a guy with a RED camera and a steadicam rig, or do bullet time, or,

you ever just have to keep starting a song over cause you're like i wasn't done feeling yet

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today's song i just gotta keep hearing is soccer mommy covering i'm on fire

okay so i died twice but otherwise dnd went okay lol

listening to "the stove and the toaster" to get hype because i have a tendency to look at everything as a heist

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i am also going to forgive myself for this, because i have been both busy and sick, and also because this is not high school, it is a fun game with friends

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my character got beaucoup gold in the last thing and also a cursed pearl embedded in her forehead, i was supposed to have been thinking these things over and also go shopping for supplies for the next thing. i am going to get there early and cram in the last 20 minutes before because i have learned nothing since high school

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i am thoroughly convinced that i would rule in an escape room scenario despite the fact that i have thought multiple times that my car was stolen when i was just in the wrong parking garage at tye mall

honestly i love it when the whole fediverse gets excited about a henway

tumblr posters with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities

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building a fleet of social justice harriers to increase the postmodern neomarxists' moral force projection capacity

for the record, i am 99% sure she meant well and just figured i was a tall barrel chested cis lady who only needed a little encouragement

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tonight was a weird one at work. lot of little stories i could spin out of it but the two main things were i had a guest compliment me on my deëscalation while kicking a drunk out, which felt pretty nice, and a canadian lady complimented me on my deep voice and told me i sounded like i could be a real belter, which felt a lot of ways

hell with the dollar shave club, i'm trying to join the "dollars have" club

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