You Asked For It. We Listened. I Have Been Made To Wear A Little sailor Suit Due To Popular Demand. It’s no t that I Want To Wear the Little Sailor Suit the It’s Because Of Popular Demand. But I Have To Wear It

One of these days mads is gonna get twinkfished (it's like catfishing but for twinks)

anime filter selfies. feelin pretty good about these ngl.

CW: eye contact; cute person

bro i heard that ur balls get bigger when u see someone u love....

I log on to the horny Twitch alternative. immediately I am simping for boy's

my main account is currently @Manurweibling, and it's currently down 2 clownzo

hey, it's me, your good pal Mads "Legend" Viande

Unstoppable shitposting engine.