I personally believe that @yo can and will get really weird with it

it feels unethical to pressure people to tell me about gay things they did before coming out of the closet/realizing they weren't straight. your story, your business, your decision when or if to tell.

but just as a general thing, I would like to note that I am Always down to hear about gay things you did before you realized you weren't straight, if you're down to tell

this post has been scheduled for an undisclosed amount of time, to obscure any specific event that prompted it

don't tell your child that you HAVE to drink water-as-in-plain-water to survive. don't tell anybody else's child that. don't tell adults that. it isn't true.

maybe it's better for your health to drink mostly water-as-in-plain-water, but you can hydrate adequately purely on coffee, tea, or weak beer for that matter (hello, pre-germ theory Europe).

a child who HATES water and will not drink it needs to drink *whatever they WILL drink enough of* to stay hydrated.

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the afterlife is just my life again, but for my whole childhood I'm safe and have consistent, unchallenged access to palatable food and drink instead of being radically dehydrated for my first seven years in the broiling HTX heat and not REALLY hydrated until college

ph, bodily functions, weird thought 

it comforts me to think that everybody has experienced the same basic bodily misery. like bishop desmond tutu has had a miserable head cold. cher has had a difficult poo. etc

who wants to join the Dylan Simp Squad? the rules are we simp for @amateurhour

it's established pretty early on in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles that the single most confusing and annoying thing you can do to Kurogane is to suggest he's attracted to a woman. this is because he's gay, he knows he's gay, and he expects everyone else to be able to tell, perhaps because he has whatever counts as a queeny voice for feudal Japan

hey, sport, is your mom around? no? well, can you tell her she might wanna get tested for chlamydia

@god [gestures at body, broadly speaking] I have some concerns

my boyfriend inspires me. for instance, I'm always striving to say something as funny as "[while listening to the Smiths] I don't really listen to this kind of music"

it's like something a diplomat's wife would say about trap music or crabcore, and I just think that's the funniest possible response to have to Morrissey

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Which of these have syntax (edgy version)

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Which of these have syntax

this is really the root of european anti-americanism on the whole. to even hate on "americans" as if there's only one nation is fundamentally anti-marxist. there are many nations within the united states most of which are oppressed nations. even in white america the living conditions are closer to the third world than the first.

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the homeland was gendered as masculine, as male. the colonies were gendered as feminine. they were things to be conquered, taken, plundered for the benefit of the empire. so it follows to europeans that living there meant you were feminine too, that you were less of a man. this is expressed in a lot of ways, especially in how under the spanish caste system in latin america being born in spain granted you more societal power than being a spaniard born in the colonies (criollo)

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it wasn't until i started studying postcolonialism that the opinions europeans have towards americans on social media made sense. you see, during colonialism being a colonist was seen as a high duty, something you did to serve your country. but the europeans who actually went to the colonies were considered lesser people back home because they lived in the colonies. let me explain.

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