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"first you have to pick a server, i know that it seems intimidating but it's like email"

when one of my shitposts gets boosted around the fediverse

you've heard of elf on a shelf, now here's spy in @Raspberry_Pi

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Online lewd posting needs to be more like ancient Roman graffiti: "Marcellus Appius has the genitals of a dead donkey!" or "I have seen the tits of Cassia of Carthage, and the gods themselves do cry at their roundness!"

dear prudence, i said that i would still love her if she was a worm, but as a worm she starts all of her questions with “wriggle me this”

in the uk, this instance is spelled jourts.hourse

i have arrived to favorite everyone's cries for help

"sorry honey, i just remembered something important i need to do" i walk into my office and log onto mastodon to type: tiddy roosevelt

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i’m non-binary. your kinsey scale has no power over me. you have to figure out how gay the stuff i’m doing is by the face i’m making

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Cracking open a cold one (peeling a frozen orange)

some of you are actually very nice people and it shows

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inside me there are two wolves: ryu and ken

finally seeing the fruits of my labor (my boss's paycheck)

i don't have a spotify wrapped because i spent the year listening to women like a true ally

edging a liberal by slipping the ballot in and out of the voting hole

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it's pretty nice to be able to shitpost & not have random people mad at you for not having their exact brain.

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