love too be taught by someone that wants me dead

Hey, you know what, this guy looks like he has a lot of publications, lets check them out--- OwO what's this

also, the article thats hilariously called "A Global Analysis of Islamist Terrorism"? zero citations

@garfiald the fact that this guy has co-published a paper with Emil O. W. Kirkegaard is really _something_

Look that guy up for some REAL race-science loopyness...

@garfiald also, LMAO at those journals.

Open Quantitative Sociology & Political Science (OQSPS) is a vanity journal started by Emil O. W. Kirkegaard because he was fed up that real journals kept rejecting his manuscripts...


@garfiald anyone who puts a publication in a vanity-journal of that caliber on their CV has less than no credibility, and should absolutely be wedgied and subsequently laughed out of academia...

...but wait; it gets even worse. Our dear friend Carl Noah turns out to be A FUCKING EDITOR of OQSPS!?!? 🀣 🀣 🀣 🀣

I sure wonder how he managed to get so many papers published in such an august and exclusive publication :itisamystery:

at least they are up front about why some people might not like their journal. That abstract is something else...

read and weep:

@garfiald also, I'm the academic [again, absolute brain-genious C Noah] whose correspondence address AS EDITOR OF A FUCKING JOURNAL IS AN @HOTMAIL ADDRESS IN TYOOL 2019

🀣 🀣 🀣 🀣
it turns out he initially used his email from Nuffield College Oxford (where he did a DPhil in Sociology) as a correspondence address, but they forced him to remove it from his papers...

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