maths fact: the word dodecahedron has 12 letters in it 🤯

Many have called this my administration "The most progressive administration in US history". Today, we make this the most progressive administration in US HERstory. I have signed an effective order that will mandate the forced feminization of government employees working in male dominated departments up until said departments reach a 50:50 gender ratio..

As a vegetarian, my favourite food is fig (fake pig) :blobdab:

tonight is the night when two become one*

*my testicles finally merge

“What news do you bring me from over the mountains, my little friend?”

“There is a great storm coming, you should find shelter soon. Also, I saw hunters camped in the valley.”

“Anything else?”

“Your mother wants to know if you’re eating enough. She says she worries about you.”

Death Stranding really has #pisscrew energy in ways I did not anticipate

You can write some of the most stunning works in the English canon without barely any remark, but god forbid you write ONE horny letter containing the word farts and everyone looses their god damned minds :angery:

lmao, I could be defeated *so* easily in single combat

Has the De Cecco lady gotten bustier, or am I just horny???

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