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im getting fired for posting but its ok bc im made out of clay so i will only get stronger

𝓛𝓮𝓪𝓽 𝓪𝓼𝓼

*Columbo voice* Well, that all sounds good. A finite number of primes. That'll look good on the report. Uh, just one more thing, sir, before I go. What if you multiplied all of them together and added one? What would that be divisible by, sir?

Huge thanks to @McCarrick for creating us this awesome server thumbnail image for The Union Place!

in the past, the government has persecuted me for using my car to give people a slight tap in the crosswalk. thanks to tesla's AI technology, i'm no longer at fault for doing what's right

twitter metltdown 

despite all the bad things you can say about Elon, at least you have to admire the man's commitment to just posting through it

This is a small spell, primarily for healing, centering yourself, and cancelling out negative tankie vibes that could be causing all manner of maladies, such as headaches, malaise, and having to perform excess maintenance work on your various properties. Please be very careful, as I have tried fighting Stalin's ghost on the astral plane many times and he is extremely powerful... please do not perform this spell if you have used toilet paper in the last 24 hours as that WILL make it backfire!

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In honor of the 100th Anniversary of Kurt Vonnegut’s birth, here’s a donut that looks like an asshole *

pretty gutted to learn that a giant multinational corporation wasn't my friend after all :pensive_cowboy:


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when a plum walks in
with a sweet delicious taste
and an icebox in your face you eat SOME

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