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1st grade teacher: the united states is run by the president-

Me: admin

Teacher: no, its called the president

Me: it is the admin, who runs the united forums of america

Teacher: ... fine whatever. There's also congress-

Me: mods

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The Witch was an action movie about a heroic goat liberating a woman from an oppressive family and bringing her into a life of power safety and pleasure.

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does anyone else think that the green eminem is kinda hot....

"Boosts ok" really means "boosts wanted" so if u see it, give the homie a boost

i know ive said this before but if u pass by horses and don’t shout “horsies!!” ur a cop

article: "phone screens cause brain chemical reactions similar to crack cocaine use"

me, logging tf on and immediately exposing my bloodshot eyes to gnife and furry voreposting: "aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"


boost if you see your kink

-a nice, relaxing night with no anxiety or depression, where you lay back in a chair or bed and truly enjoy something on a visceral level

Tossing my Playstation controller to my gamer son in a beautiful gamer moment reminiscent of old sitcoms where dad let their teen sons drive the car

#ff actual
@pbandkate - The Sweetheart Of Mastodon
@dayglochainsaw - A great poster, and we all know this
@doggy_omega & @Ashen - The only other people I’ve seen on here courageous enough to talk about wrestling
@kelsey - Who constantly has a piano dropped on her head

@lynnesbian hey fan can u link me the instance wiki u made pls?

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remembering one of the cutest pics i ever took of oddy

This is my old cat, Leonard, when he was a tiny kitten

phone: 911 please state your emergency

me: hehehe "please ma'am may i have some"

phone: say it

me: coochie

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Horses can wear jorts too. [[THIS IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS]]