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My favourite fedi posters are the ones who talk about piss one minute, followed by some nuanced shit on the function of gravity in superstring theory, then move on to the tender romance involved in fisting pikachu without skipping a beat

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I have no idea what I'm doing here but I'm liking it anyway

Every once in a while I remember John Lennon had the longest recorded butt crack, and I smile for the rest of the day

if youre signing up on here u really gotta throw your vibe into it. seduce the horse.

@doot what is a jorse? a miserable little pile of secrets. but enough talk, have at you!

starting a coup to overthrow the jorts horse

somethingawful to weird twitter to leftist podcast pipeline

if i demo my banana cleaner and nobody is there to see it, are my bananas clean

there's only one speaker of the house and it's 


@doot “metrics show we have a lot of reach in france for some reason, many of our users are called edouard”

@doot redundant, it's gonna be me spamming piggy poop balls dot jpeg on posts about CORPORATE SYNERGY BUSINESS STRATEGEMS TOP TEN TIPS and i'm already here

signing in with linkedin for "real identities" is a great idea because the posts and profiles on linkedin are definitely people being their real authentic selves

Whoever cops the first ban from the poundland linkedin instance for siddoning an admin has to join jorts.
It's a law or physics or whatever the fuck it is science people claim is a real thing.

"crossposting to linkedin as a feature" how about I chase you around with a shovel. What then nerd

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everybody welcome @wavesposting with the most incredible "reason you want to join the site" to date, 10/10 no notes

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