I have no idea what I'm doing here but I'm liking it anyway

@doot I expect not only Jorts discussions but also something about bikes gven this name Hans! 😆

@ruari I'm going to talk about my bmw which I love driving in Stuttgart

@doot A jorts is a horse, of courts, of course

@doot Hey, sorry I was away the past few days, so I missed the info. Did you move account or is this a new side thing?

@Sylvhem side thing. Every time I was active on gk I made sidekiq have a stroke lol

@doot XD
That’s the problem with being one of the cool kid :blob_finger_guns:.

@Sylvhem we all keep getting banging toots, it's mystifying. So I decided to spread it about a little lol

@doot Please, send some of that banging energy my way. I want to be Masto famous too!

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