My favourite fedi posters are the ones who talk about piss one minute, followed by some nuanced shit on the function of gravity in superstring theory, then move on to the tender romance involved in fisting pikachu without skipping a beat

@doot That’s *exactly* the kind of discourse I’m here for, tbh

@anya it's pretty much the entirety of jorts, egirls and monads

@doot names and handles please! I need more of all that in my life

@doot honestly, Pikachu's gotta be in the top 10 most fistable Pokémon

@doot Pikachu always struck me as the kind of filthy slut who would be into superstring theory

@doot Why is piss discourse a thing? All the yeses to random and heartfelt posts though. Be your weird and glorious authentic selves on here.

@islaboag There was , a gimmick instance called which was born of some shitposter instances, and it went on for a little while.

Recently we all started talking about pisscrew again and it's just taken off as the joke of the moment

@doot I feel like such a newbie but I adore the mixture of Twitter and Fetlife. I'm shy and don't deal well with newness but I feel welcome here, in my full glorious oddness. X

@islaboag Just be sure to use post privacy and instance blocks and things to your comfort level if applicable. A lot of this place is about curating stuff, and that includes for safety. It's really nice in some places but really very not in others

@doot lmao. I don't even know what an instance is yet. I've been avoiding researching, focusing on familiar faces and catching !y breath.

@islaboag Let me know if you ever need an explainer on stuff, I'm happy to help.
Been running a server for over 4 years now so I can probably give you a hand with most of it!

@islaboag Just gimme a shout when you've got the time/energy 👍

@doot Wait. Pikachu got fisted? Fully? When I tried we only managed to get to the knuckle.

@doot to be fair there’s bound to be some piss involved in fisting pikachu

@doot Fun pee fact: when you eat too much beets your pee gets reddish and you freak out because you think you have cancer and you forgot that this happens every damn time you eat beets.

@hotkey @doot Spoiler: This is what the singer of the Violent Femmes is talking about when his girlfriend starts to cry. On that last one, I can’t say enough about having a good ground wire attached at the ankle. Trust me on this.

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