A large segment of the jorts local is just people looking for ways to say jorts and horse. This is one of its many great features.

@doot there is something inherently amusing about those words put together.

Get off your horse and out of your Jorts, as John Wayne might have said.

@doot you'd think all combinations would be exhausted within four years, but here we are

@healyn The vibe gives me the sense that we can just happily keep recycling and pretend it isn't happening. Right now it's given up on linear time though. This is also part of it's charm.

@healyn @doot @doot You can think that as you may, Healyn. But I think you're wrong. In my opinion, we in fact just gotta jorts where it horse.

@doot I'm eagerly aviating the inevitable overlap with /r/anarchychess and the knight variants that are coming out of it

@rosenbergite @doot false dichotomy :is_this: not falling for it. Gunna take the jorse down to store real quick, need a pack of horts while I’m there?

@doot @rosenbergite Oh hell yeah!!! F’ING Horts! Only good for growing on my feet

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