I keep getting followed on gk by some big names in infosec and foss that I have followed for *years* and I am feeling so inadequate haha.

@ancient_catbus it's always after I've been doing really bad shitposts too like piss and saying pussy a lot
Like one of my absolute icons was online during the pussy fiasco yesterday and FOLLOWING ME, WHY and goddamn I was torn

@doot if they can't handle u at your piss pussy shitposting, they don't deserve you at your thoughtful meditations on infosec

@doot @ancient_catbus Most of them are shitposters at heart and you are shitposting circles around them!
You are living *the* life here. 😄

They followed you for some reason. Just keep doing that. Try not to think about your heroes silently staring and judging you.

@moliver a reasonable percentage of my output is just the word piss. i am extremely confused

A reasonable percentage of my output is actual piss.

@doot If FOSS people stayed even after gmail is foss and twitter is foss campaigns you know that they really admire you.

@abhijith oh no, they're coming in *after* all that, so they probably have no idea

@doot Maybe they heard about their mates getting rickrolled and falling to baits and wanted some of that.🤣
@doot This reminds of the story of a movie star who sat with a big celebrity(Sachin Tendulkar in case you follow cricket) in a flight. This starstruck movie star couldn't hide his excitement and Sachin agreed to his demands of selfie and autograph with a smile. He was also very frank with our guy throughout the flight. After a few days, when the excitement gradually faded away he thought.. so this is the happiness I give to my fans when I engage with them.

@doot nice one. this is also validating for me as i consider your infosec content to be of high quality

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