fucking sexy yoda
Jorts really has it all

if its just the two of you, it will often go without comment or notice. but if there is anyone else there and they are also picking up the lie vibe you will instantly be rewarded with a huge smile and make a great new friend

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you have to say the 'i believe it' part in a tone that conveys that the evidence of the lie being true is the you believing it part, and that there is no additional evidence worth considering. *i* believe it, therefore it must be true.

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when someone is telling you a lie and they know they're lying and you know they know they're lying, i have concocted the perfect response for you: 'its true; i believe it'

hold up.. are you telling me these jorts are made of horse?

@doot Wait. Pikachu got fisted? Fully? When I tried we only managed to get to the knuckle.

@Tato @doot don't show your bun to the sun is you don't want a burn, son.

@Tato tfw you try to get pegged by the sun and she burns you

@doot this just reminded me of the time when academy award nominated actor josh brolin sunburned his asshole

sure sex is usually cool, but have you ever tried to fuck the sun

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