Every once in a while I remember John Lennon had the longest recorded butt crack, and I smile for the rest of the day

if youre signing up on here u really gotta throw your vibe into it. seduce the horse.

@killeveryhetero <looks to camera> Yes, dear viewer, that is correct. The doctor was the jorts horse.

@killeveryhetero a horts? In MY vagina?! It's more likely than you think

@doot what is a jorse? a miserable little pile of secrets. but enough talk, have at you!

starting a coup to overthrow the jorts horse

somethingawful to weird twitter to leftist podcast pipeline

if i demo my banana cleaner and nobody is there to see it, are my bananas clean

there's only one speaker of the house and it's 


@doot “metrics show we have a lot of reach in france for some reason, many of our users are called edouard”

@doot redundant, it's gonna be me spamming piggy poop balls dot jpeg on posts about CORPORATE SYNERGY BUSINESS STRATEGEMS TOP TEN TIPS and i'm already here

@AmyDentata I'm leaving it open, I wanna see how long before I get suspended for being the wrong kind of professional

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