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@robotcarsley @doot finally, a wholesome show about good, clean fun, that the whole family can enjoy

Call it "The French Connection", because French history is about to connect with them.

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Gameshow idea but it's just a guillotine and a lot of billionaires

Folks not sure which coin to invest in, heard JORT was a safe bet, it’s got the backing of some of the strongest shitposters in the game rn, but I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about HORSE, idk I think it could still be early

@doot tipping point but with terfs instead of counters and when they drop of the edge they fall into a fire.

New gameshow idea! Crufts agility course but it's TERFs competing and they're being chased by lions

@doot Then they fall off a cliff with a "Yaaa hooo hooo" scream

Stick an obstacle course in their path so they have to gladiator it as they run away

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@doot It'd be especially funny if there were some rakes lying down that they could also step on.

@doot especially if it makes a loud & amusing *SPAAAAANG* noise when you hit them with it

@doot The title alone leaves me queasy and begging for the sweet release of death.

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