So I finally watched Transcendence, which was quite good btw but I guess it's funny because while I was mentally prepared to stare at notable trash goblin Johnny Depp's face for two hours, I ended up being mad for the whole movie anyway over a .5 second-long cameo by Elon Musk

@dubsteppenwolf honestly this also happens to me when bezo's face is used in any article tangentially related to anything amazon does

@Zoe I swear I've seen like 15 different news stories about his divorce today like... who cares??? I didn't even know he was married and who gives a shit

@dubsteppenwolf i was reading a press clip about the expanse getting picked up by amazon and even though bezos wasn't related, or mentioned, they inserted a pic of him making fucking eye contact with me halfway through the article and i have never been that triggered

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