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Wow I suddenly want to jam ten tonnes of restylane into my lips, weird haha

@Los_Ingobernables_De_Jorts I'm too scared anyway, the farthest I go with that shit is like... chemical peels

@dubsteppenwolf it depresses me that younger generations of women are more encouraging about that kind of stuff and titjobs and the like but idk how to feel about it.

like i'm all for expressing yourself and body modification and shit but all of this seems like it's driven by major capitalist industry/the equating of "hotness" to value

@Los_Ingobernables_De_Jorts yeah... you only get one meatshell and you're stuck with it for life, so whatever you want to do to feel good about it is fine by me... but there's a real nasty undercurrent in the way it's marketed to young women and too many people are chasing something that can't make them happy in the end

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