Shout-out to the poor bastard who tried to own me with God of War, of all fucking things, as an example of why he thinks you cant just shoehorn lady protagonists into videogames because that's "historically inaccurate" somehow

Me, an actual Greek person, incidentally named after a literal war goddess: *gestures broadly at mythology and actual history* yep no ladies here lmao


ANYWAY the actual point I was making is that in a game with a GENERIC protagonist that represents the player, there is zero reason not to provide multiple options. If gender-flipping your generic character will "ruin the story" then you have written a shitty story and you should probably hire some women writers and start over

@dubsteppenwolf being able to change the gender/race/physical appearance of the MC is the biggest advantage video games have over movies/TV/Books and part of the reason Mass Effect is such a long-standing popular game lmao kill this gamer you were speaking to

@dubsteppenwolf like i'm not against having a set character look, i love a good character design and being forced to empathize with someone else and see the world through their eyes is a good thing but "you can't change the gender of a protag without ruining the story" is literally arguing against a game's ability to tell a story as well as it can

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