I impulse bought some whole dried croaker from the Asian market and whatayaknow, there are no recipes in english. Why do I do this

If I can't figure this out on my own I'm pretty sure they'll make a lovely fish stock so I'm not COMPLETELY boned here but I probably should have played it safe and stayed in the "inexplicable fruit" section

Tinder but for finding a Korean friend to follow you around the grocery store making sure you don't start writing Cooking Checks that your white ass can't cash

@dubsteppenwolf phlebotomy, except using it to calculate how white you are to determine which aisles you're allowed to choose from

@dubsteppenwolf season/lightly bread 'em and fry 'em

this works for most dried fish. you can also often grill/broil dried fish

@dubsteppenwolf on second thought, grilling would be the optimum preparation method, but frying will also work

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