Read like 1/5th of that VC instance buffoon manifesto and just closed the window, not interested thanks


"crossposting to linkedin as a feature" how about I chase you around with a shovel. What then nerd

@dubsteppenwolf I am making chasing you around with a shovel something you opt out of, and I am making it very difficult to opt out of!

@asbestos @dubsteppenwolf I feel like Facebook is the AOL and LinkedIn is the online equivalent of a Rotary Club.

@asbestos @dubsteppenwolf very few insurrections planned on LinkedIn, fwiw 🤷🏻‍♂️

@paninid @dubsteppenwolf ture, unless you count a hostile takeover of a small business in Desmoines.

@dubsteppenwolf people who post to LinkedIn anything other than “hello here are my qualifications I’m looking for work” or “hi we need someone with those same qualifications please apply” are complete and utter psychopaths

@dubsteppenwolf @smileodonicthys the one exception being the guy who put his gerbil on there and the gerbil got tech recruiter spam just like everyone else.

@dubsteppenwolf listen i came here for a respectful and free exchange of diverse ideas not to have my gym shorts grabbed by somebody who says "hey ladies check me out" and then yanks my shorts to the floor

@dubsteppenwolf sticking with my old description: is an email address harvesting system disguised as a website

occasionally useful in telling recruiters "find me on" when you mean "go away and never darken my door again"

Just gonna go ahead and declare this my favorite Toot of the year so far. *tips hat at you*

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