how i'm trying to look in the winter vs how I end up actually looking every gat damn year

Oh snap I forgot to post this before we left... some of you from birdsite will remember that my MIL makes all kinds of crazy steampunk-esque jewelry from antique junk she finds. She just finished this tin type cameo necklace

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The outdoor pool at this hotel looks like a dang fidget spinner

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getting my talons fixed before we go on vacation tomorrow

4 & a half hours later, Storm Witch aesthetic achieved

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I didn't do an actual "costume" this year because I was only planning to be out for about an hour but enjoy this candid shot of me being 100% on my Halloween Bullshit from the last time I bothered

2/3rds of the mod team is playing the Share Zone card game at my house so uhhhhhh tag Jizzwitch if you need help

Unironically how do I get the Netflix login screen to look like this year-round

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