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antifa dumped a a bowl of lucky charms on my head in what i believe was an attempt to place a "leprechaun's curse" on me

🎶 16 tons and what do you get, a lot of dirt or whatever you are mining i guess 🎵

So unfortunately there's not really a way to stop someone from making a zillion accounts and acting like an asshole, but keep tossing them in the report queue and we'll pick them off with the banhammer whenever one of us is on

I'm gonna miss my catgirl but I'm excited about my bungirl

*Obama voice* Now let me be clear: I don't like house centipedes. They scare the shit out of me. Uhhh.... They give me the heebie jeebies. However.

starting a mastodon instance for all my Gay Ass Bitches is the name "GAB" taken

“gender is actually a perfectly symmetrical system of oppression” says my labrador retriever as i begin hurriedly calculating the cost of undoing the talking dog surgery

Just saw someone say "shit disturber" instead of shit stirrer and I'm 100% gonna use that now

punching nazis is wrong because its a temporary solution to a problem, the correct course of action is to seal em in a syrup barrel and hurtle it over niagra falls

wheeling a 55 gal drum of fermented piss around in a wagon on the off chance I need to defend myself against an armed assailant

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