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Dead Ringers is really remarkable in that you actually get about 120 minutes of normal movie before Cronenberg starts up his bullshit

at least I've got my festive holiday display name sorted

the best part of camping is usually waiting in some bushes near a hiking path to murder cis men

lord: your poor, so you eat POORidge haha

serf: that’s soooooo funny, I love this dynamic like, so much lol

Oh snap I forgot to post this before we left... some of you from birdsite will remember that my MIL makes all kinds of crazy steampunk-esque jewelry from antique junk she finds. She just finished this tin type cameo necklace

Today we went to the Crow museum of Asian art and also a 7/11 for a real goddamn Slurpee (none of that Icee bull shit)

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RIP mr hands, died doing what he apparently loved

The outdoor pool at this hotel looks like a dang fidget spinner

Iunno why they had Fancy Turkeys at the Dallas aquarium but I am HERE FOR IT

would you rather kiss grandma cheek for$1,ooo,ooo Million dollars

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