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Somebody should write a sci find story about a Nigerian astronaut who needs 3 million dollars to fly back to earth but nobody will answer his emails because they think it's a scam so he's just stuck up on the ISS losing his shit

currently playing Spicy Carboys Camping Simulator 15

the internet peaked in 2008 with the thread in which there was a heated 5 page debate regarding how many days are in one week

Very cool to take NyQuil to sleep but just end up awake and vaguely high instead, great job body

I'm also willing to blame Family Guy for the resolute ugliness of all animation released in the last ten years so don't listen to me about anything ever

"cal-arts" is exactly like postmodernism in that it just means Anything I Don't Like

Why did we make him famous. The nineties were so fucked up

Shout-out to the time I got retweeted by Kato Kaelin and it took me like 40 minutes to explain who he even is to my girlfriend

Almost impulse-bought some socks off Amazon just now solely because the brand name was HOT FEET BOYS

Can't sleep cause I keep thinking about how funny it would have been if they'd called the shape of water "grinding Nemo" instead

This film is almost mythical. I've been waiting since... what, 2005 for this? That's like the length of the entire vietnam war

shit down my fucking neck they finally made the Deadwood movie

hot take they should bring back belladonna tampons


Sorry, 2007. But still, we're talking Myspace/Livejournal era

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