can anyone tell me where all the weird twitter people from the mid 2010s went to? is it here? is it tumblr? i miss posting about bees

I tweeted about the way vaush et al lie about Mel (an asian trans woman) and now my mentions are full of his fans calling her a genocide denier and saying "well actually, jews did have a lot of control over the banks..."

I need to get a completely insane guest on my show, is anyone mutuals with John Mearsheimer

can't believe the guy who did a podcast with Glenn greenwald is now doing JQ stuff

after seeing the absolute discourse shitshow over on a *certain instance* and I am absolutely vindicated in my instinct to avoid places with solarpunk and nihilist vibes. Better off posting jortsibg the horsebe

90% of the posts on this site are "jortsing the horse"

i have released a new and VERY CURSED video about how inclusivity is weaponized on twitter

once you get like ~30 views on twitch people start getting really fucking weird. had someone scream about me cancelling them for two hours, one person harassed me with bots for a year

costing someone money to post "jortsing the horse" once a day

Jortcoin, the only cryptocurrency powered by the Horsechain

i can't believe a guy stalked my stream for a month until he caught an asian trans woman he hated say something about a streamer so he could clip us and post it to r/VaushV

i support the persecution of christian sects and weird cults. being in some weird sex cult should get you 1000 years

if I was President I would send all mormons to a contained area of arizona and then abolish the US

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