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if im being honest, the two best parts of the internet have got to be uploading, and downloading

I know it's probably bad, but sometimes I want to just quit my job and be a full-time agent/manager for my baby who could surely be a successful baby model. She's really cute and usually well behaved.

and so, with completion of the natural cycle of days we find our courageous protagonists confronted once again by the strange writing on the mystical gate. it is said if you squint long enough at just the right time of day the strange letters will form themselves into a glyph resembling thus: "jokes are fascist, actually"

nobody knows what this means; will our heroes decipher the strange runes and advance to the far lands? or will their journey end here? find out next time on

Anyone else always a little bit worried that they're going to come down with shingles the next day?

Kool Design Tip: put a doorstop right in front of the shower door. you can liven up any building by doing things like this. i like to call it "Surprise Architecture"

yeah I like leftist podcasts, like *checks smudged note on hand*

I saw a human tell the story of the ascension of the gloom monster spouse Duli Donkeytyphoon to the position of lady of The Group of Lobsters in 48 at The Somber Date. No, I'm not interested.

โ€” Minkot Lilumzuntรฎr, bookkeeper

whew! time for a coffee and cigarette break, running the steak umm account on twitter and riding the line between woke enough to be trendy and woke enough to offend my corporate overlords can be a tough job!

If you're dissing 311, the color of your energy is decidedly not amber

JFC how about declaring a national emergency to build things that will address actually emergencies, like schools, clinics and hospitals, water infrastructure, or carbon neutral power generation and storage?

why doesn't the Spanish word for January evoke the Roman god Janus? ...theyre much closer to Latin than English is

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