Give me your best political compass memes. I'll start.

Help us, Obi-Jorts Kenobi. You're our only horse.

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i've been using forums since i was a tender little tadpole of eleven and let me tell you this. the secret to any online social space is just to say weird shit until you make friends

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This could be our wonderful demise, but instead we're stuck with this depressing climate catastrophe. :pensive_cowboy:

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Please boost: I'm looking for literature on legal requirements for instances (moderation, data protection, liability etc.).

Especially for larger organizations/companies that want to run their own instance.

Focus on EU/Germany. Please help.

#mastodon #legal #GDPR

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so we get SOME cool fungus facts and then it just follows this one fuckin hippie around and it becomes a documentary about him because he has a mushroom farm and sells mushroom and yabbers on about how the powers that be man they dont want you to free your mind man because if you do youll see the 9 to 5 is bullshit man

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whenever i remember this documentary i get so mad. I plop down jazzed to check out fun facts about a wild taxonomic kingdom and i get some fuckin hippie bullshit

There's a reason the hippies survived the 60s and the black marxist radicals didnt, cuz the fuckin hippies were no threat.

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imo the thing about free speech is it isnt a dilemma because it isnt real. we dont have to worry about the downstream effect of banning right wing speech being an eventual banning of left wing speech because that's already happening all the time. Protecting the worst speech does not, it turns out, protect everyone's speech: it just pretects the worst speech.

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this account is much about love for pure antifascist #alpinism but also big #geeklove and #hcpunklove - rooaarrrrrr to all new and old followers!

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Trying too hard for a first port on I just hope I'm locked in here with you, and not you locked in here with me.

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