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When you lose all perspective of what you really are as opposed to what you wish you were it's a good way to set yourself up for disappointment.

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:cseal: i'll recycle my old largely ignored twitter content on mastodon

:cseal: i'll recycle content from all my other fediverse accounts on each other

:cseal: i'm not getting any smarter, hell no

:cseal: i'll keep posting dumb bullshit on peertube just because it's there

:cseal: i'll like and boost my own dumbassery to ∞

:cseal: always a freshly laundered pair of jorts ready to go

Life's like getting tossed out of an airplane with no parachute - all you can do is watch the ground slowly get closer as you think back on the many mistakes you made that got you where you are.

you know what? fuck all seasons. fuck weather

us pol, police, Atlanta 

the nadir of “white anarchist agitators we must snitch on” rhetoric has now been reached: liberals spread the name and images of a woman in Atlanta accused of burning down the Wendy’s that fatally called the cops on Rayshard Brooks, leading to her arrest. the woman was Brooks’ girlfriend.

something that has become very clear in the last few weeks is that if theres enough of people who want to do a thing nobody can really tell them not to do it

coronavirus movies 

The Tamil film industry is getting in on the trend of movies that will make ironic things to have been watching when you caught COVID 19 at the movies with a comedy called Corona Kumar.

China has "Chinese Doctors", "Common World — Everybody Fights the Pandemic" and "Speak To You While Smiling" going into production - I am assuming these Chinese corona films are going to be Serious and Noble Awards Bait until i see hard evidence to the contrary.

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@MellivoraCapensis have you read edouard siddon's investigative post about this phenomenon?

i actually agree with #defundNPR but only because their news reporting is mostly fascist propaganda

shen Yun is the corniest shit ever. it's 2 hours of pretty good classical Chinese ballet. then they have actors in fucking red guards (from the cultural revolution) costumes come out and say "this art is fascist bourgeois reaction. you are under arrest" and pretend arrest the other actors lmao

If hellsite ever goes down I want at least 10 people to get little goat tattoos

"Today, some 35 years after Stallman’s 4Fs, we can see that Free and Open Source Software is, in almost all conceivable ways, triumphant. It has won its struggles against Microsoft, it is the core of almost all smartphones, it lies at the heart of the networked world we all inhabit.
Amidst all this glory, however, there is something utterly broken about the FOSS world. In short, it is one-sided, devoid of economic rights, and an active agent in the oppression of us all."

mastodon, home of things that are incredibly relatable while at the same time being beyond your comprehension

@Zero_Democracy I'm looking forward to the first protest pictures where someone covers protestors' faces with the GITS Laughing Man logo.

police when women receive death threats online: what's Twitter? :blobcat:
police when someone sets a police car on fire: okay we'll take a still of the footage, enhance the image of that tee, and search Etsy until we find this fucker :blobcatcomfcool:


nothing drives the ladies wild quite like Technical Grade DDT

Every time I see a mention of horseshoe theory I fly into a rage and chuck a copy of Atlas Shrugged at a cop

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