i would love to continue arguing with you, troll, but I'm off to have clean sex with my pristine, impeccable wife. thank you

hero cop unjustly lampooned by antifa terrorists after allegations that he "went black ops on" unarmed puppy

im going to make a 5 hour video essay about the dantes inferno videogame

rumours circulating that leftists operatives have been communicating in "jorts morse" to organise the strategic takedown of Burger King stores

im just doing a phd for the gender neutral title tbh

Most people here are vulnerable in ways that they are often too scared or ashamed to share with even their closest friends. And the values we share are not widespread in the societies we come from. Often, they are actively supressed. In such a situation, I don't understand why we wouldn't look to help each other above anything else.

I'm not trying to do an epic liberal "non-violence" thing or whatever. I'm acutely aware that we're up against a machinery of death that disguises its violence as "decorum" and "self-care" and all of these other things. But I've seen people who all understand this and share in the desire and the will to end that violence take their rage out on each other. And I don't think it's good, I don't think it's worthwhile.

What is the point of this, if we can't keep each other alive? What good is anything we do, if it doesn't translate first and foremost into care for other people?

i would prefer it even more if it were called "shit horse"

i think the premise of this joke is absolute gold but i couldnt find a satisfying way of delivering it. maybe i should just transcribe a trump speech using "folx" that would be funnier

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